Lady Brew Baltimore is a homebrewing club, encouraging beer-brew-curious women in Baltimore City to become homebrewers! We've been bubbling and brewing with over 50 ladies since 2012!



Going Against the Grain: Women homebrewers are on the rise in Baltimore, City Paper, 2015

Beer Babes, Baltimore Style Magazine, 2013

Lady Brew!

Lady Brew: An encouraging and welcoming space, time and event for beer-brew-curious women in Baltimore City to steep, boil, hop, malt & bottle their way to way to becoming homebrewers!

Experience the creativity, satisfaction and hoppiness of making your own beer!

Women encouraged! Women supporters welcome! $10 per lady per brew session to cover the cost of ingredients and materials if you want to snag a few bottles to take home in the end!

$20 yearly membership fee to snag a button, a book and a 10% discount at Nepenthe Homebrew.

Lady Brew brews a new batch every other month and go on beerventures, so there will always be another chance to learn and contribute!

Please RSVP if you plan to attend! Up to 10 ladies per Lady Brew! 
Twitter: ladybrewbalt
Facebook: Lady Brew Baltimore

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Artwork by Lady Brewer Christine Stiver


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