Lady Brew Baltimore is a homebrewing club, encouraging beer-brew-curious women identified folks in Baltimore City to become homebrewers! We've been bubbling and brewing with over 60 folks since 2012!



Going Against the Grain: Women homebrewers are on the rise in Baltimore, City Paper, 2015

Beer Babes, Baltimore Style Magazine, 2013

Lady Brew!

Lady Brew: An encouraging and welcoming space, time and event for beer-brew-curious women folk in Baltimore City to steep, boil, hop, malt & bottle their way to way to becoming homebrewers!

Experience the creativity, community, satisfaction and hoppiness of making your own beer!

$10 per lady per brew session to cover the cost of ingredients and materials if you want to snag a few bottles to take home in the end!

$20 yearly membership fee to snag a button, a book and a 10% discount at Nepenthe Homebrewing Company on supplies.

Lady Brew brews a new batch seasonally, so there will always be another chance to learn and contribute!

Please RSVP if you plan to attend! Up to 8 folks per Lady Brew! 
Facebook: Lady Brew Baltimore
Instagram: ladybrewbalt

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Artwork by Lady Brewer Christine Stiver


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